In June 2019, Transconverter LLC completed the development and implemented a system for controlling the Charging Station with an e-bus via Wi-Fi connection.

In May 2019, the experts of Transconverter LLC made a poster report at International Scientific and Technical Conference PCIM2019 (Nuremberg, Germany).

In April 2019, Transconverter LLC design office completed the type tests of input slave and master modules TKN01.000.000.00 and TKN02.000.000.00. Developed input slave and master modules TKN01.000.000.00 and TKN02.000.000.00 are designed for joint conversion of 3000 V DC voltage in … Continue reading

In February 2019, Transconverter LLC obtained declaration ЕАЭС N RU Д DE.АД71.В.02824/19 for Current transformer of non-household purpose, voltage 220 V, SCHALTBAU brand (item 1 1755 302838). The specified current transformer produced by SCHALTBAU company (Germany) meets the requirements of … Continue reading

On December 25, 2018, the qualifications committee recommended to assign A character to the engineering and production documentation of PSN110 U1 auxiliary converter. PSN110 U1 high-voltage converter is a component part for electrical trains operated on road sections with a … Continue reading

In November 2018, Transсonverter design office completed the production assimilation of two-channel inverter TKR19.

In October 2018, Transconverter design office completed the development of a new modification of overhead system voltage analyzer KS3000-01.

In September 2018, Transconverter design office was awarded the conformance certificate №ТС_RU CDE.ЛД04.В.02110 (RU №0762724 series) for electric energy distribution devices – snap-action switches produced by Schaltbau GmBH (Munich, Germany).

In July 2018, Transсonverter design office started to develop a new modification of the overhead system voltage analyzer KS3000-01.

In June 2018, Transconverter design office started to develop a design of the station of ultrafast charger of traction batteries mounted on Russian electrobuses.