About us

The Limited Liability Company Transconverter was founded in 2005 and is a joint venture of Transmashholding JSC and Siemens AG.

    The Joint-Stock Company Transmashholding was founded in 2002; it unites 19 enterprises of transport machinery and is the largest manufacturer of rolling stock in Russia. The total number of employees under the corporate enterprises is over 53 thousand people.

    The International Corporate Group Siemens AG dates back to 1847 and currently is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electrical engineering, electronics, transportation, etc. The total number of employees under the enterprises of the Corporate Group is over 400 thousand people.

    The business line of Transconverter LLC includes: design, pilot-line and full-scale production of converters of electric power for electric locomotives, electric trains and passenger cars.

Limited Liability Company Transconverter is a specialized high- tech enterprise which can deal with any task in the area of converter equipment railway vehicles, starting with the initial concept and up to the serial production.

Transconverter LLC unites together a design office, pilot-line production, test base and full- scale production, which allows manufacturing of the equipment of high quality and reliability, through the effective involvement of technical and technological capabilities of Russian and foreign enterprises.

Nowadays Transconverter:

    – is a specialized high-tech enterprise able to solve any task in the area of converter equipment, starting with the idea and up to the serial production

    – has a professionally trained staff: 37 out of 73 employees have higher education

    – is the recipient of technology, solutions and specialized Siemens assembly parts within the territory of Russia

    – is the representative of Siemens repairing assembly parts of the railway converter equipment

    – is a highly skilled design office

    – has a Quality Management System based on the principles of internationally recognized standard ISO9001-2015 supported by the appropriate certificate

    – has unique self-developed high-tech testing equipment

    – is the enterprise certified for compliance with the requirements for welding of steel structures according to the international standard ISO3834-4:2005 and EN15085