In January 2024, Transconverter completed the development and released a test-bench SI3100 UHL4 for Ulan-Ude locomotive and car repair plant.

The test-bench SI310 UHL4 is meant for conducting approval test of auxiliary converters of PSN235 Y2 type after planned midlife repair.

The test-bench converts an input three-phase voltage of 400V, 50Hz into a DC voltage with a nominal value of 3000V and a maximum value of 4500V.

The test-bench includes a power cabinet, a voltage regulation device, a load cabinet AIN1AIN3, a load cabinet AIN4AIN6 and an operator console.

The common total load capacity of the test-bench is at least 310kW.

The test-bench SI310 UHL4 has successfully passed approval tests and has been delivered to the Customer.