In March 2024, Transconverter completed the development and released the bench-converter PS35 UHL4 which is meant for testing a single-phase load with an output voltage of 650V, 400Hz.

According to the technical requirements, the PS35 UHL4 test-bench converter has an input three-phase voltage equal to 400V, 50Hz, and an output single-phase adjustable voltage from 100 to 650V, 400Hz. In this case, the output voltage has a rectangular shape with zero pauses equal to 125 msec. The converter is intended for a nominal output current 30 A and a maximum overload output current 50A for 1 sec.

The converter control system displays information about the value of the output voltage amplitude, the effective value of the output current and the operation status.

The converter has a galvanic isolation between the input voltage of 400V, 50Hz and the output single-phase voltage of 650V, 400Hz.

Structurally, it is made in the form of a cabinet that will be installed in an industrial area.

The first bench-converter PS35 UHL4 has successfully passed approval tests and has been delivered to the Customer.