In October, 2014 the construction office of JCS Transkonverter produced the ZU105 U1 traction charging device for EKA-05 electric locomotives of contact & battery type.

ZU105 U1 traction charging device is designed for transformation of DC 825 V overhead system of subway or 3AC 400 V 50 Hz industrial network in adjustable DC voltage, which is necessary for charge of traction battery with a rated capacity of 1040 А•h and a rated voltage of 432 V. Such traction battery is used in subway on EKA-05 electric locomotives.

Traction charging device also provides recuperation of electric power into accumulator battery when electric locomotive slowdowns.

ZU105 U1 maximum output power is 105 kW.

Charging device is mounted under the body of EKA-05 electric locomotive.

CAN is used for information exchange between charging device and TCSM.