In December 2006 the pilot project “Traction drive assembly KTP1200 for the high-speed electric train ED14”, developed by the design office Transconverter, Ltd., was presented at the Council of Chief Designers CJSC Transmachholding.

The designed traction drive assembly KTP1200 is intended for electric trains equipped with the asynchronous traction motors, in particular for high-speed ED14 class electric trains to be operated on railways sections with 3000 V DC. The works were performed on the basis of the approved Appendix to Contract №254 – dated July 8, 2004 – “Cooperation of JSC Russian Railways and CJSC Transmachholding with regard to passenger traffic provision and development policy”, as well as the resolution of the CJSC Transmachholding Chief Designers Council, dated August 14, 2006.

The assembly KTP1200 consists of a high-speed switch, two reactors of an input filter, two brake resistor units, a traction converter with the power rating 1200 kVA and four asynchronous traction motors. The above mentioned assembly does not include a current collector, main break switch and EMC filter.

In general, KTP1200 provides traction and braking modes of a high-speed electric train which are required in accordance with the task sent from the microprocessor-based train traffic control system.