In December 2010, Transconverter Ltd. has resumed full-scale production of auxiliary converters PSN80 Y1 for series ED4MKM EMU, which will be produced by “DMZ”.

High voltage static converter PSN80 Y1 is a component for series ED4M, ED4MKM, ED4MKM-AERO EMU’s operated on 3000 V DC lines. It is designed to convert high-voltage (2200 – 4000 V) to power lighting circuits, controls, air-conditioning, compressor, battery charge, etc.

The converter has two versions: PSN80 Y1 and PSN80-01 Y1.

Converter PSN80 Y1 is designed as a unified undercar box which converts high voltage to a three-phase line voltage of 380 V, 50 Hz.

Converter PSN80-01 Y1 consists of undercar boxes “converter’s block ” and “transformer’s block” that converts high-voltage to three phase 380 V, 50 Hz or 220/127 V three phase, 50 Hz.

Rated output power of the converter PSN80 Y1 is 80 kVA, the maximum output capacity of 105 kVA.

Auxiliary converter PSN80 Y1 has a certificate of conformity № CCFZhT RU.ZT03.A.05415.