In august 2019, Transconverter LLC carried out the delivery of HUR Master and HUR Slave power modules by in-house development in Siemens AG for the first time.

The developed by Transconverter LLC HUR Master power modules ТКH02.000.000.00 and ТКH02.000.000.00 01 and HUR Slave power modules ТКH01.000.000.00 and ТКH01.000.000.00 01 are intended to be used for conjoint conversion of 3000 VDC voltage into high-frequency stabilized four-channel 500 VAC voltage.

The output power of each HUR module is 100 kVA.

The HUR modules TKH02.000.000.00 and TKH01.000.000.00 have forced air cooling, and HUR modules TKH02.000.000.00 01 and TKH01.000.000.00 01 have liquid cooling.

Besides HUR power modules Transconverter LLC has delivered in Siemens AG the drivers by in-house development which are meant to form control signals of HUR modules’ power transistors. The drivers data can be used both in HUR modules by in-house development and in HUR modules developed by Siemens AG.