In April 2018, Transconverter design office started to adopt С195 electromagnetic contactors produced by Schaltbau GmBH (Munich Germany) on transformers of its own production.

This adoption became possible after Transkonverter LLC obtained the declaration of compliance ЕАEС RU D-DЕ.zТ02.В.00994 for electromagnetic contactors of С137, С163, С164, C165, С193, С294, С195, С295, CL, CL152, CL153, CL154, CL155, CL156, CL157, CL158, СL159, CS series (code according to Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification of the Eurasian Economic Union 8536 49 000 0, serial production).

The declaration of compliance is valid until 02/19/2023 inclusively.

The adoption of С195 electromagnetic contactors allows designing compact and reliable power converters.