In November, 2016 the design office of Transconverter released two ZUT105-01 U1 traction charging devices for EKA-05 electric locomotives.

ZUT105-01 U1 charging device is designed for transformation of 825 V DC of subway overhead system or 400 V 50 Hz three-phase voltage of depot electric network in adjustable DC voltage, which is necessary for charging/additional charging traction battery with a rated capacity of 1040 А·h and a rated voltage of 432 V, mounted on EKA-05 electric locomotives.

As distinct from the previous version, the developed ZUT105-01 U1 charging device features built-in power diodes of recuperation of EKA-05 electric locomotive traction drive.

ZUT105-01 U1 maximum output power is 105 kW.

Charging device is mounted under the body of EKA-05 electric locomotive.

CAN is used for information exchange between charging device and TCSM.