In June, 2014 the design office Transconverter started the development of PSN170 U1 converter that will be mounted on electric trains EG2T (Ivolga) of Tverskoy Vagonistroitelny Zavod production.

PSN170 U1 converter is designed for electrical supply of lighting circuits, climate system, battery charge, control and other auxiliaries of electric trains of EG2T.

Technical specification:

Nominal input voltage:
– 3000 V, DC

Number of output voltage: 2.

Parameters of output voltage:
– 3 ph., 380 V, 50 Hz, 180 кVА;
– 110 V DC, 16 kW

Total output power: 170 кVА

Converter design is a box that is mounted under EG2T electric train wagon.

The customer of PSN170 U1 converter is Tverskoy Vagonistroitelny Zavod (Tver).