In December 2005 “Transconverter” finished the assembly of PSN80-01 U1 converter designed for ED4M, ED4MK and ED6 class electric trains to be operated on railways sections with 3000 V DC.

The high-voltage converter PSN 235 Y2 is a component for advanced electric locomotives 2ES4K, which will be using on railway with an 3000-V DC. The device converts the DC high voltage into voltages necessary to AC motors of ventilators for traction motors and the compressor, the power converter of the traction motor field winding, lighting circuits, control circuits, the air-conditioner, battery charge and so on .

The high-voltage converter PSN 235 Y2 has 6 output channels with total rated output power of 235 KVA and maximum output power 300 KVA. Efficiency of the converter being developed is not less than 90 %.