In December 2005 “Transconverter” finished the assembly of PSN80-01 U1 converter designed for ED4M, ED4MK and ED6 class electric trains to be operated on railways sections with 3000 V DC.

The PSN80-01 U1 converter consists of undercarriage boxes “Converter Block” and “Transformer Block” that provide the transformation of the system’s voltage to three-phase linear voltage 380 V, 50 Hz and three-phase voltage 220 V/127 V, 50 Hz. The converter’s nominal power 80 kVA, maximum power – 120 kVA.

Functionally, the PSN80-01 U1 converter contains an input contactor, an input filter, a protection unit against pulse spikes in the input voltage, two input inverters on IGBT transistors with galvanic separation of potentials, a group of single-phase rectifiers, a three-phase inverter with output linear voltage of 380 V, 50 Hz, a sine filter, a microprocessor-based control system unit (MBCS – МКСУ), and a built-in interface designed for diagnostics.

The certification tests for the PSN80-01 U1 converter are scheduled to be finished in the 2nd quarter of year 2006.