In August 2019, the Acceptance Committee assigned the design documentation for the KC3000-01 grid analyzer and QPSW4200 voltage sensor to the letter “O1”.

The KC3000-01 grid analyzer (AKC) is designed to receive, process and record the information about the DC signal that comes from the measuring device, in particular, from the voltage sensor with a nominal value of 3000 V.

AKC contains two input analogue-to-digital converters, one digital input, a microprocessor, a removable storage device, a secondary power supply and an built-in clock powered by an built-in battery.

Main technical characteristics of AKC:

    – limit of permissible measurement error: ±2.0%;
    – measuring frequency: 20 kHz;
    – Data recording period to a removable storage device: 1.0 msec;
    – Duration of data recording to a removable storage device: 730 hours;
    – capacity of the removable storage device: 16 Gb.

AKC has 110 VDC supply voltage.

The QPSW4200 voltage sensor is meant for DC voltage measurement with a nominal value of 3000 V. The sensor contains two input voltage dividers, input signal processing units and two analogue outputs.

The main parameters of the measured voltage:

    – the current type of the measured voltage: DC;
    – the nominated value of the measured voltage: 3000V;
    – the operating range of the measured voltage: from 500 to 8000V.

The voltage sensor QPSW4200 has a dual power supply ±15 V DC.