In June 2019, Transconverter LLC completed the development and implemented a system for controlling the Charging Station with an e-bus via Wi-Fi connection.

The controlling system developed by Transconverter LLC specialists according to the set algorithm allows to carry out the fast charge of e-bus’s traction batteries from the charging station via pantograph by using the Wi-Fi connection.

It should be noted that the first moving model of the e-bus on metal wheels was presented at the Worldwide Exhibition in Paris in the 1900s.

In Russia the first acting 20-seat e-bus which called e-minibus was built in 1902 at the Dux Factory in Moscow by Russian engineer Ippolit Vladimirovich Romanov. It was meant to serve Bristol Hotel and it could pass a distance for 70 km in one battery charge. The unique feature of the e-minibus’s running gear design was pneumatic tires.