In July 2018, Transсonverter design office started to develop a new modification of the overhead system voltage analyzer KS3000-01.

The developed analyzer KS3000-01 is designed for simultaneous monitoring of two voltages within 0 10 kW DC with subsequent date communication to the rolling-stock management system (for example, electric locomotive, electrical train, etc.) via CAN interface. The analyzer will additionally record and store in the memory card monitoring data within at least 10 days.
The analyzer will make measurement from two voltage sensors not less than 20 times per 1 millisecond and calculate the average value of each voltage according to the algorithm of moving average not less than 1 time per 1 millisecond.

The analyzer is designed for installation in a power converter (for example, auxiliaries converters PSN235 U2, PSN100 U2, PSN110 U1, etc.).