In October 2017, Phoenix Contact RUS LLC with the direct participation of Transconverter LLC received the declaration of conformity of relay electromagnetic modules of PLC series produced by Phoenix Contact GmBH&Co.KG (Germany).

According to the declaration of conformity EAES N RU D DE.JT02.V.00847 Relay Electromagnetic Modules of PLC series, PLC RSC 24DC/2 version, where SC-SC, SP, PT; 24DC, 24UC, 48DC, 60DC, 120UC, 110DC, 230US, 220DC; 21 221, 1 1, 21 21; AU None, IC, HC, AU, ACT, SEN, RW, RWF comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 001/2011 “On the safety of railway rolling stock”.

The validity of this declaration is from 20.10.2017 till 04.09.20122.

Relay modules PLC RSC are intended for the coordination of signals between the control system and peripheral devices. At the same time, the compact universal design of the modules saves the space of the projected device.

The technical characteristics of the presented relay modules are given in: