On 27th of June 2012 the acceptance commission has given the letter “O1” to the design documentation package of IPBS26 380/110ZU U2 DC stabilized voltage power supply unit for on-board grid of EP2K DC passenger locomotive.

Serial production of IPBS26 380/11-ZU U2 power supply unit is planned for 2013.

The IPBS26 380/11-ZU U2 power supply unit is intended for transforming 3-phase 380 V 50 Hz AC into stabilized 110 V DC (for powering the locomotive control circuits) and variable 122…141 V DC for battery charging.

The power supply has two outputs.
Output 1 supplies control circuits, electronic devices and locomotive auxiliary circuits with stabilized voltage 110V DC.
Output 2 is intended for locomotive battery DC charging with regulated output voltage depending on ambient temperature.

Output 1 has two сhannels.
Channel 1 supplies control circuits with power 11 kW and nominal output current 100 A.
Channel 2 supplies auxiliary loads with power 9 kW and nominal current 82 A.

The total power of the device is 26 kW.

For the first time the HMI technology was used in the power supply for monitoring of device parameters and status.