In July 2012 OOO “Transconverter” shipped the first batch of EVB51 Y1 converters for the company «Siemens AG» (Krefeld, Germany) under its first export contract signed at the end of 2011.

EVB51 Y1 converters are intended for installation into passenger coaches of RIC clearance, which are going to run between Europe und Russia next year.
EVB51 Y1 converter is designed for electrical supply of lighting circuits, climate system, the battery charge, on-board network and other auxiliary supplies of the passenger coach of RIC clearance.

Technical characteristics:
Nominal input voltage:
– 1 ph, 1000 V, 16 2∕3 Hz, AC;
– 1 ph, 1000 V, 22 Hz, AC;
– 1500 V DC;
– 1 ph, 1500 V, 50 Hz, AC;
– 3000 V, DC;
– 1 ph, 3000 V, 50 Hz, AC.

Number of output voltage: 2.

Parameters of output voltage:
– 3 ph. AC, 400 V, 50 Hz, 45 кVА;
– 110 V DC, 16 kW.

Total output power: 51 кVА

The customer of EVB51 Y1 converters is German company “Siemens AG” (Krefeld, Germany) and the manufacturer of the passenger coaches of RIC clearance is “Siemens AG” (Vienna, Austria).