In September 2010, Transconverter Ltd. started batch production of auxiliary converters PSN100 Y2 for passenger electric locomotive EP2K produced by “Kolomensky Zavod”.

The converter PSN100 Y2 is designed for auxiliary supply of electric locomotives which run on 3000 V DC, such as passenger electric locomotive EP2K. This converter has 3 output channels.

The first 3-phase output inverter (AIN1) supplies with AC with fixed voltage und frequency values such consumers as electric heaters, centrifugal fan electric drive, control circuits power unit etc. The total output power is 30 kVA.

The second output inverter (AIN2) supplies with variable AC voltage the axial fan motor drive. The output power is 30 kVA.

The third output inverter (AIN3) supplies the brake compressor electric drive. The output power is 40 kVA.

Overall total output power of converter PSN100 Y2 is 100 kVA. The converter is designed as a unit, which is installed in the back of an electric EP2K.

Auxiliary converter PSN100 Y2 has a certificate of conformity № CCFZhT RU.ZT03.A.06790 up to December 11, 2012.