In November 2017 Transconverter LLC gained the certificate of conformity №TC RU CRU.ZHТ 02.B.01569 verifying that the onboard network power source IPBS26 380/110ZU U2 meets the requirements “On the safety of railway rolling stock” (TR TS 001/2011).

Power source IPBS26 380/110ZU U2 is designed for converting three-phase alternating current with 380 V voltage, 50 Hz frequency into a direct current with a stabilized voltage of 110 VDC (for supplying control circuits of the locomotive) and with variable 122…141 VDC voltage for battery boost charge circuit.

The power source has two outputs.

Output 1 is designed to supply stabilized 110 VDC to control circuits, electronic devices and auxiliary circuits of an electric locomotive.

Output 2 is designed for recharging the battery of an electric locomotive with a direct current of output voltage variable depending on the ambient temperature.

Output 1 of the power source has two channels.

Channel 1 is designed to supply control circuits with the power of 11 kW with a rated output current of 100 A and a maximum output overload current of up to 120 A for 120 s.

Channel 2 is designed to supply auxiliary loads of 9 kW with a rated current of 82 A and a maximum output overload current of up to 100 A for 120 s.

The total power of the power source is 26 kW.

The certificate has a validity period through 15.11.2022.